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  Hop a 'Hobbit' themed flight to New Zealand

Middle Earth beckons in Air New Zealand safety video

WELLINGTON (Reuters) - Fight a hobbit for an aisle seat? Get life jacket instructions from a beautiful female elf? Only on a plane to Middle Earth - or in an Air New Zealand safety video. Full story

Gollum, hobbits liven up in-flight safety video

  Air New Zealand has launched a new in-flight video in which characters from “The Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit” give instructions to passengers on flight safety.’s Alex Witt reports.  

'Hobbit' director Peter Jackson, Gollum pop up in new Air New Zealand safety video

Passengers on Air New Zealand won't be sitting through a very dull safety video -- instead they'll see a clip that features Gollum crawling through the aisles and Peter Jackson finding the One Ring on the cabin floor.PHOTOS: The Hard Road to "The Hobbit"The airline comp … Full story

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Air NZ grounds small planes after hairline cracks found

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