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GOP chairman demands Weiner resign

The chairman of the Republican Party said Tuesday that Rep. Anthony Weiner should resign after admitting to sexually charged online relationships with several women and lying about his misdeeds. Full story

House GOP budget retains Dem Medicare cuts

In a postelection reversal, House Republicans are supporting nearly $450 billion in Medicare cuts that they criticized vigorously last fall when Democrats and President Barack Obama passed them as part of their controversial health care law. Full story

NRCC brings race card into Georgia race

  Rev. Al Sharpton responds to racist comments made by NRCC chair Pete Sessions about the DCCC spending money to defend Georgia Rep. Sanford Bishop’s seat.

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  NRCC tactic not even politics

Rachel Maddow reports on the tweeting of home addresses of campaign staffers to Rep. Tom Perriello by Andy Sere, a press hand for the NRCC. Especially in light of previous threats and violence against Perriello, this act is beyond inappropriate.

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