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Maine Gov. LePage upbeat on next 60 days

A day after getting an "incomplete" grade from Democrats for his first 100-days' job performance, Gov. Paul LePage said Thursday he's focused on the 60 days ahead, and that he's confident he can accomplish the big items on his agenda if the minority party cooperates. Full story

Madoff: 'Whole government is a Ponzi scheme'

Wall Street swindler Bernard Madoff said in a magazine interview published Sunday that new regulatory reform enacted after the recent national financial crisis is laughable. Full story

Special Report: For some professors, disclosure is academic

When Hal Scott testified on financial reform before the Senate last February, he identified himself simply as a Harvard Law School professor and director of an independent research group. Full story

Fed's James Bullard says funding of consumer bureau a worry

St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard said on Monday funding for a consumer protection office established under regulatory reform laws is not based on a clear sense of how much the bureau needs and is a source of concern. Full story

Goolsbee addresses regulatory reform

   Austin Goolsbee of the Council of Economic Advisers joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss address critics who say the financial reform legislation still gives regulators too much discretion.

Community Bank Summit, Pt. 1

   Discussing financial regulatory reform's impact on community banks and the real estate market with James Hyman, CEO of Hopewell Valley Community Bank; Frank Sorrentino, CEO of North Jersey Community Bank; and Dennis McCormack, managing partner of Promi...

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  FinReg: Settles Too Big to Fail?

Discussing whether financial regulatory reform settles "too big to fail," with Christian Weller, Center for American Progress and Mark Calabria, Cato Institute.

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