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4G wireless: 20 questions and answers

Twenty questions and answers about 4G cellular service: What it can do, why it's the future of wireless communications, and where (and when) you might be able to get it.Full story

Getting up to speed with 4G

4G, or fourth-generation, wireless technology, expected to be touted this week at the wireless industry's trade show,  will  mean faster Internet access and speedier downloads for cell phone users. Full story

MagicJack's next act: vanishing cell phone fees

The company behind the magicJack, the cheap Internet phone gadget that's been heavily promoted on TV, has made a new version of the device that allows free calls from cell phones in the home, in a fashion that's sure to draw protest from cellular carriers. Full story

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Sprint Overdrive wireless WiMax router
Sprint Overdrive wireless WiMax router

Sprint unveiled its Overdrive wireless WiMax router, which can be used to link up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices to its 3G or WiMax network.The company announced that devices connected to the Wimax network will reach speeds roughly 10 times faster than 3G.The portable device will cost $100 with a

Sierra Wireless Overdrive
Sierra Wireless Overdrive

The Sierra Wireless Overdrive is a WiMax-to-Wi-Fi bridge sells for $149 with a two-year contract, and lets you connect any Wi-Fi device over Sprint's 4G network.