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Military works to change culture to combat rape

The laughter and chatter ceased as soon as the two naval chiefs appeared on the rooftop deck of the barracks, where four sailors — three men and one woman — were having drinks in a hot tub with a sweeping view of San Diego Bay.Full story

click3: In a ‘Hot Tub of Consensus’

  “The Great Gatsby” is finding new popularity thanks to the upcoming film, but some aren't so happy about the book's latest edition cover art; a new Twitter parody account plays up Chris Hayes’ “hot tub of consensus” remark on air; and Laura Bush reveals that her husband got interested in painting th

This day on TODAY: The hot tub boom

  On April 11, 1978, news anchor Floyd Kalber introduces a report on the hot tub phenomenon sweeping the nation, where acquaintances emerge as “better friends than they were when they went in.”

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  Movie time sizzles at London's Hot Tub Cinema

The Hot Tub Cinema is a new experience for London movie buffs who can rent space in hot tubs while they watch rooftop movies.'s Dara Brown reports.

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