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  4 beauty rules you should break

Five tips for fighting fatigue

  Struggling to stay awake? Women’s Health magazine contributor Dr. Keri Peterson shares five small steps you can take to make a big difference in battling exhaustion, from mixing up your workout to turning off technology.

Don’t hit the panic button: 4 tips

  Dr. Keri Peterson, a contributor to Women’s Health magazine, explains what happens when you go through a panic attack and says that when one occurs, you should distract yourself and wait for the episode to pass because it will not harm you

Attack on Women's Health

  Click here to see what our cartoonists think about the birth control debate.

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  How long should you wash your hands?

Dr. Keri Peterson, contributor to Women’s Health magazine, quizzes viewers about the myths and realities of getting (and preventing) colds and flu.

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