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IQ Tests Measure Effort, Too

An IQ score may say more about whether you're a hard worker or a slacker than about how smart you are. And hard work may be at least as important as intelligence in determining who will be a successful student and adult, researchers say. Full story

TODAY Moms: What do you do to avoid pesticides during pregnancy?

Ack! Add pesticides to the long list of things to worry about during pregnancy.Three new studies found that exposure to pesticides in the womb may harm a baby’s brain and be linked to lower IQ scores, MyHealthNewsDaily reported.In one of the studies, kids with the highest … Full story

Prenatal pesticide exposure may harm baby's brain

Exposure to pesticides in the womb may harm a baby's brain and hinder the child's intelligence, according to three new studies published April 21. Full story

Prenatal pesticide exposure linked with lower IQ

Babies exposed to pesticides before birth may have significantly lower intelligence scores by age 7 than children who were not exposed, three separate studies published on Thursday said. Full story

Tennessee Supreme Court says IQ test not enough

Tennessee judges can no longer rely on a standard IQ test score to see if a prisoner is too intellectually challenged to be executed. Full story

For kids in poverty, no brain benefit to iron, zinc

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Giving impoverished infants iron and zinc supplements to prevent nutritional deficiencies may not have lasting benefits for their mental skills, a new study shows. Full story

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UK man with low IQ banned from having sex


  Test your sex IQ

Are women the only ones who fake it in the bedroom? Relationship experts Belisa Vranich and I. Major test the fourth-hour co-hosts on their sex knowledge.

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