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U.S. "stroke belt" also hit by heart failure

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - People who live in the southeastern U.S., already dubbed the nation's "stroke belt," may have a higher-than-average rate of death from heart failure as well, a new study finds. Full story

The Southeast's 10 Most Threatened Places

Alabama's Coast More oversight and regulation of offshore oil drilling is needed to ensure that nothing like the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico is allowed to happen again, according to the Southern Environment Law Center, which announced its annual list of endangered places in the U.S. Southeast. Full story

Fishery hearings set in 4 Southeastern states

New catch limits for certain types of fish are among items being discussed during public hearings in the Southeast during the next two weeks. Full story

Marathon Oil to spin off its refining business

Marathon Oil said Thursday it will split into two companies, separating its business of exploring for and producing oil from its lower-margin refining operation. Full story

South joins Midwest under blanket of snow

A Canadian high pressure system pushed a blast of winter weather through the Southeast on Monday, leaving people shivering as far south as Florida. Full story

World saw warmest March on record

Last month was the warmest March on record worldwide, based on records dating back to 1880, a U.S. agency reports. Full story

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Big rise in illegal immigrants in Southeast

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A street cook prepares nopal with pork meat and onion in Mexico

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