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In Easter message, pope urges diplomacy in Libya

Pope Benedict XVI contrasted war and hunger with the joy of Easter Sunday and issued a ringing call for diplomacy to prevail over fighting in Libya, for nations to welcome refugees from conflict and for Middle East leaders to respect their citizens.Full story

Pope leads faithful in Palm Sunday outdoor Mass

Pope Benedict XVI, leading a huge crowd at Palm Sunday outdoor Mass, lauded man's technological accomplishments but lamented that his increasing abilities can also be used for evil. Full story

Pope on 84th birthday works as usual

Pope Benedict XVI spent his 84th birthday at work Saturday, making appointments, giving a speech and receiving top aides while well wishes arrived from around the world, including Queen Elizabeth II. Full story

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Vatican sanctions Belgian bishop who abused nephew

Pope's new book: Violence never in God's name

Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus' death in new book

Pope tells Catholics to mind manners online

Pope: Marriage is not an absolute right

Pope: Not everyone has right to marry, urges care

Sainthood next? Pope John Paul to be beatified

Pope decries Filipino, Nigeria church attacks

Pope: Christians are most persecuted group

Vatican shifts ground on condoms, HIV


  Reza Aslan on that strange Fox interview, and the necessary discussion on religion in society

Religious scholar Reza Aslan saw his book sales skyrocket and reach the number one spot on after a very odd interview on a Fox News' webcast. He joins All In to talk about his book, "Zealot," as well as what his interview exposed about religion in society.

  The rise of the religious left

For the past 30 years, religion in American politics has been dominated by the religious right -- mostly white, socially conservative, evangelical Christians. But there are some signs that a religious progressive movement is gaining steam. Melissa Harris-Perry's panelists look at the effort by progr