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Obama administration seeks more comments on rifle sale plan

The Obama administration on Friday will seek another round of comments on its controversial proposal to require gun dealers in four states on the U.S.-Mexico border to report the sale of multiple rifles. Full story

Senator says government agency ignored gun warnings

U.S. federal agents encouraged an Arizona gun dealer to sell weapons to suspected traffickers for the Mexican drug cartels, even after the dealer warned they would end up in the hands of "bad guys," according to correspondence released by a U.S. senator. Full story

Grassley criticizes ATF's conduct in gun probe

A licensed gun dealer in Arizona who was cooperating with federal agents in a gun smuggling probe told investigators that he was worried that firearms sold by his store could end up in the wrong hands. Full story

Damages to 2 NPR stations not likely related

An arson at a National Public Radio affiliate in Arkansas and possible transmission wire tampering at a station in Texas likely are not related, investigators said Wednesday. Full story

Federal agent in Va. Pleads guilty to 5 felonies

Authorities say a federal agent in an undercover tobacco investigation who took cigarettes and firearms in the course of his duties has pleaded guilty to five charges. Full story

Newspaper bomb injures northern California man

Police in northern California are investigating the origins of a bomb that was concealed inside a newspaper and exploded when a man picked it up off his driveway on Sunday morning. Full story

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Mexico violence not 'emergency,' White House says

DOJ denies senator's border shootout claim

Firearms from U.S. used in Mexico drug violence

Ex-Marines tied to weapons sale to L.A. gang

ATF targets gun dealers to stem cartel arms trade

Bid to stem flow of weapons to Mexico misfires

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This undated handout picture released by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Denver Joint Terrorism Task Force , in conjunction with the Jefferson County Sheriff???s Office, and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives in Denver on April 24, 2011 shows suspect Earl Albert Moore, 65.