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UN: 34 killed in Iraqi raid on Iranian exile camp

An Iraqi army raid last week on Camp Ashraf left 34 Iranian exiles dead, according to a U.N. spokesman who on Thursday offered the first independent death toll for the attack that drew sharp rebukes from Baghdad's Western allies. Full story

Wounded Iranian exiles forced back to Iraqi camp

Iranian dissidents wounded in last week's in clashes with Iraqi soldiers have been forcibly removed from their hospital beds and returned to their camp, two hospital workers said Wednesday. Full story

Johnson & Johnson settles bribery case

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson has agreed to pay $70 million to settle civil and criminal charges of bribing doctors in Europe and paying kickbacks to the Iraqi government to illegally obtain business. Full story

Hostage siege leaves dozens dead in Iraq

Wearing military uniforms over explosives belts, gunmen held a local Iraqi government center hostage Tuesday in a grisly siege that ended with the deaths of at least 56 people, including three councilmen who were executed with gunshots to the head. Full story

Biden meets with Iraqi leaders, discusses drawdown

   After nine months of deadlock, there is a new Iraqi government, one in which Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki—one of the chief enemies of the U.S. military—will play an integral role. NBC's Stephanie Gosk reports.

Can Iraq stand on its own?

   Richard Engel, chief foreign correspondent for NBC News, and James Zogby, president Arab American Institute, talks with Chris Matthews about whether the Iraqi government is prepared to function on its own when the U.S. military leaves next year.

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NYT: Key U.S. allies in Iraq rejoining rebels


  Last U.S. combat troops leave Iraq

The last U.S. combat forces were about to cross the border into Kuwait, bringing to a close nearly 7½ years of a war that overthrew Saddam Hussein, forever defined the presidency of George W. Bush and left more than 4,400 American service members dead. NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent, Richard

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Protesters chant anti-Iraqi government slogans during a protest at Tahrir Square in Baghdad, Iraq, Friday, Feb. 25, 2011. Iraqi security forces trying to disperse crowds of demonstrators in northern Iraq killed a few people Friday as thousands rallied in cities across the country during what has bee