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  Escalation in Libya

Clegg: U.K. coalition government ‘working very well’

  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg sits down with the Morning Joe gang for a discussion of policy and international politics.

Did Tony Blair lift movie dialogue for his book?

  Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair is being accused of plagiarizing lines from a movie about Queen Elizabeth, and including them as fact in his best-selling autobiography. NBC's Jenny Wivell reports.

British PM communications director under fire

  Police may reopen an investigation of a former British tabloid editor who now works as the communications director for Prime Minister David Cameron. A New York Times article alleges he played a role in the celebrity hacking scandal four years ago. NBC's Stephanie Gosk has more.

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Cameron as Brit PM could change U.S. ties


  Churchill’s ‘teeth that saved the world’ sold

The dentures of the wartime British Prime Minister – the ones that gave him his trademark lisp – were up on the auction block. Guest host Chuck Todd shares the hefty fee.

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