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Firing Up the Market for Weather Contracts

Unlike many Midwesterners, Mike Betts loves deep snow. A Thanksgiving blizzard? Bring it on. A foot for April Fool’s Day? Perfect. His company, With a Grain of Salt, sells de-icing compounds, which means one of Betts’s worst nightmares isn’t too much snow but too little. So last year he paid $65,000 Full story

World's Cities Unprepared for Climate Change

Cities — home to half the world's population — face potentially dire consequences from climate change. However, they often fall short when it comes to addressing the issue, according to an analysis of urban policies.   Full story

Dust Shatters Like Breaking Glass, Study Finds

Dust particles shatter in a pattern resembling that of broken glass, according to new research, which may have implications for predicting both weather and climate change. Full story

What are chances of a global white Christmas?

From holiday films to children's books, Christmas seems to be perennially tied with snow. But dare we dream of such a winter wonderland across the globe? The prospects are enticing and may reside in more than fairy tales, scientists say. Full story

Study: Future droughts will be shockers

Increasingly dry conditions across much of the globe — including the U.S. — are likely over the next 30 years, a new study predicts. Full story

Sound waves on distant star reveal sun-like cycle

Astronomers studying sound waves on a distant star have discovered that it has a magnetic cycle similar to our sun's solar cycle. Full story

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Sun's energy caused partial collapse of Earth's atmosphere

White roofs do cool temps, study finds

Cloud seeding for rain is a growth area in U.S.

Warming Arctic should be cooling, study finds

Plants make their own painkillers

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