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Survey: 45 percent say they will travel by March

Forty-five percent of U.S. consumers will take a vacation or leisure trip between Thanksgiving and March that involves paying for overnight accommodations. Full story

Appeals panel: No landfill near national park

A court has upheld a 2005 court decision that effectively halted the development of what would have been one of the nation's largest landfills near Joshua Tree National Park. Full story

Coyotes kill woman on hike in Canadian park

Two coyotes attacked a Canadian woman while she was hiking alone in a national park in eastern Canada, and authorities say she has died of her injuries. Full story

Study: U.S. parks average 11 searches per day

A new study says U.S. national parks launch 11 search-and-rescue operations on an average day. Full story

The world’s deadliest volcanoes

To identify the world's deadliest volcanoes, we must sometimes rely on educated guesses and estimates culled from contemporary accounts. Full story

Park Service says visits to national parks are up

It could be the upside of the economic downturn: The Obama administration says visits to national parks are up nearly 4 percent this year. Full story

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Complaints over gun law follow Obama on tour

Obamas taking part in NPS fee-free weekend

Cap on Yellowstone snowmobiles in works

National park visitors rise in poorer countries

Dollar-saving strategies for summer travel

Sleep in the wild at national park lodges


  Deepwater permits issued with no lessons learned

In a TRMS Investigates exclusive, Rachel Maddow shows that the Department of the Interior is issuing deepwater drilling permits despite a report finding that blow-out preventer design is flawed and despite drilling companies submitting emergency response plans that pre-date the Deepwater Horizon spi

  Salmon joke squirms its way into address

Who doesn’t love a good fish joke? In this edition of the News You Can’t Use, msnbc’s Willie Geist examines the president’s State of the Union laughs.