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Xbox One a Serious Business Tool? Nice Try, Microsoft

Microsoft makes a far-fetched pitch to small businesses by calling its new gaming console a presentation tool. Full story

Microsoft Fixes 6 Critical Flaws for Patch Tuesday

This month's Patch Tuesday, the day on which Microsoft releases security updates, will be a bit of a doozy for Windows users. Full story

Bait and CAPTCHA: How Malware Can Change Your Computer Screen

Italian security researcher Rosario Valotta has discovered — or rather, rediscovered — a trick that would let cybercriminals alter aspects of your computer screen to trick you into downloading malware or disguise other undesirable activities. Full story

NSS Testing Finds Microsoft Internet Explorer and Google Chrome Tops in Protecting Against Malware

NSS finds Internet Explorer and Google Chrome to block most malware, Apple Safari, Firefox, and Opera did not. Full story

Legendary mountaineer raises awareness of melting glaciers

   David Breashears, legendary mountaineer and filmmaker, is working to raise awareness with his non-profit, Glacier Works. MSNBC’s Alex Witt sits down with David to discuss his joint venture with Internet Explorer and the chance meeting with Sir Edmund Hilary that inspired his current work.

Microsoft Issues Emergency 'Fix-It' for Browser Flaw

Microsoft has issued a "Fix it," or temporary workaround, for Internet Explorer 8 that lessens a previously unknown software or "zero day" flaw used to spy on U.S. atomic researchers. Full story

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Internet Explorer Zero-Day Attack Targets Nuclear Researchers

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