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Hearsay bothers last juror to find Peterson guilty

The final juror to agree to convict Drew Peterson of murder in the death of his ex-wife says he "barely slept" one night during the proceedings because the same nagging questions kept popping into his head.Full story

'Drew Peterson: Deadly Intent', Part 2

  From the beginning, the Drew Peterson saga has been about two ex-wives, Kathy and Stacy, whose fates were ultimately linked. Stacy Peterson's disappearance would lead investigators to discover how Kathy Savio really died.

In Peterson trial, jurors quickly confront hearsay

As they began deliberations Wednesday, jurors in Drew Peterson's trial immediately zeroed in on the case's trickiest issue: whether to believe secondhand hearsay statements that would often be barred from consideration in a criminal court. Full story

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Peterson son on stand: 'Dad is innocent'

Pastor: Peterson's 4th wife spoke of 3rd's death

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