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House votes to cut NPR's federal funding

Republican supporters say it made good fiscal sense, and Democratic opponents calling it an ideological attack that would deprive local stations of access to programs such as "Car Talk" and "All Things Considered." Full story

GOP attempts to defund NPR

   The House Rules Committee called an “emergency meeting” Wednesday afternoon to consider a bill to cut government funding for NPR. Rep. Earl Blumenauer discusses.

Will public radio survive?

   University of Missouri journalism professor Barbara Cochran, a former employee of NBC, CBS--- and former vice president for NPR -- discusses the future of public radio.

March 9: Nightly News Wednesday broadcast

   Rep. King criticized for terror hearings; Severe weather triggers closures, evacuations; Tornadoes rip through Southeast; Rebel clashes with Khaddafy forces intensify; NPR flap raises red flag for public radio; Discovery completes final mission; The high cost of free WiFi; Geoffrey Canada discusses

NPR flap raises red flag for public radio

   An undercover video catches a NPR fundraiser disparaging Republicans and the Tea Party causing the resignation of NPR's CEO. Will this have an effect on government funding for public broadcasting as it is debated in Congress? NBC chief investigative correspondent Lisa Myers reports.

NPR chief ousted after exec's racism remarks

NPR's CEO and president, Vivian Schiller, has been forced to resign, the radio broadcaster's media correspondent said Wednesday. Full story

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NPR exec caught bashing Tea Partiers as 'racist'


  Former NPR exec blasts Tea Party in hidden video

The Morning Joe panel discusses the release of a hidden camera video where Ron Schiller, former NPR senior vice president for fundraising, calls members of the Tea Party both racist and xenophobic and suggests that NPR would be better off without government funding.

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National Public Radio CEO Vivian Schiller
National Public Radio CEO Vivian Schiller

** FILE ** This 2008 file photo provided by National Public Radio shows Vivian Schiller. NPR says CEO Vivian Schiller resigns in aftermath of fundraiser's remarks on hidden video. (AP Photo/NPR, Michael Benabib) ** NO SALES **