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New Project Will Send Your Messages to Aliens in Deep Space

NEW YORK — A group of scientists, businessmen and entrepreneurs are tired of waiting around for E.T. to get in touch. Full story

New Asteroid-Mining Venture to Be Unveiled Tuesday

A new asteroid-mining company will unveil itself to the world on Tuesday (Jan. 22) and is expected to present an ambitious plan to exploit the resources of deep space. Full story

Asteroid Threat to Earth Sparks Global 'NEOShield' Project

They can be mean and nasty, and they can mess up our planet big time. Full story

NASA picks 3 tech missions for deep space

NASA has picked a deep space atomic clock, a giant solar sail design and a novel laser communications system as the must-have technologies to help future space exploration, agency officials announced Monday. Full story

A first: Oxygen molecules found in deep space

Astronomers can finally breathe a sigh of relief: A team of scientists has discovered the first oxygen molecules in deep space, capping a nearly 230-year search for the elusive cosmic molecule. Full story

Study may provide answers for weird space anomaly

A mysterious anomaly in space seen on two NASA probes that has caused scientists to question the laws of physics may  just be a trick of the light, a new study suggests. Full story

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Step 1 in asteroid mission: Pick right space rock

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