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  Inside Mexico’s Drug War, Part 2

The war next door

  Just across the border from El Paso, Texas, is a town nicknamed Murder City where about 11 people are killed each day. But one victim's mother vowed to bring her daughter justice. Dateline's Chris Hansen has her story.

Orphans find a protector in violent drug war

  Sara Paez lives in El Paso, Texas but she crosses the border daily to Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. One child at a time, she looks after abandoned orphans whose family members have fallen victim to the drug violence that now rules Ciudad Juarez.

El Paso will go it alone in Eagle Ford shale

El Paso Corp. said Wednesday that after reviewing bids from potential partners, it has decided to develop its project in the Eagle Ford shale oil and gas field by itself. Full story

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Excerpts from recent Texas editorials

Texas military bases planning in case of shutdown

NM governor signs tax break for border rail hub

2 convicted of kidnapping slain US drug trafficker

Defense rests in Cuban ex-CIA agent's perjury case

Napolitano: Mexico violence hasn't spread to US

Water, gas shortages also part of wicked winter

Cold weather chokes Southwest natgas supply

Que frio! Mexican city breaks 60-year-old record

U.S. border cop fired over drug war views files lawsuit


  El Paso school mourns students slain in Mexico

The War Next Door: Although one in five students at Cathedral High in El Paso live in nearby Ciudad Juarez and cross the Mexican border on a daily basis, the trip proved deadly for two students who were fatally shot while visiting a friend in Juarez last weekend. All three teens were killed. NBC's M

  Water crisis leaves El Paso residents drained

Parts of the Southwest struggled with a third day without power or water on Monday in the wake of a weather-related utilities blackout. NBC's George Lewis reports.

  Feb. 7: Nightly News Monday broadcast

Defining 'meaningful change' in Egypt; In Egypt, the medium is part of message; Mary Thornberry: I'm happy to be home'; Water crisis leaves El Paso residents drained; Wildfires ravage Western Australia; NASA pics: Here comes the sun!; Giffords' husband trains for launch; Centennial celebration honor

  Mayor: People have changed way they live in Juarez

Just a few miles away from El Paso, Texas, Juarez, Mexico has been labeled one of the most dangerous cities in the world. The mayor of this border town describes to NBC News Correspondent Mark Potter what it's like to fight the drug cartels while trying to stay safe.

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A Guatemalan woman, member of the Popular Front holds a sign reading "We condemn the acquittal of Posada Carriles, confessed terrorist serving the US" as she protests outside the US embassy on April 14, 2011, in Guatemala City. Cuban CIA agent Luis Posada Carriles was found not guilty past Friday o

People crossing the Paso del Norte bridge linking Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas
People crossing the Paso del Norte bridge linking Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas

People crossing the Paso del Norte bridge linking Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, Jan. 28, 2011. The Paso del Norte bridge, which American officials estimate to be the busiest of all cross-border footpaths between Mexico and the United States, connects two cities with two very different pe


epa02556168 Members of more than 50 social organizations began the activities to commemorate the massacre of 15 youngmen a year ago in Villas de Salvalcar, on both sides of border between Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and El Paso, Texas, USA, 29 January 2011. EPA/ALEJANDRO BRIGAS