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Robot sub to see what lies beneath Antarctica

A cigar-shaped robot submarine that can pull off a neat collapsing trick is readying for a first-time adventure below the Antarctic ice.Full story

Storm ‘echoes’ could break up ice shelves

Scientists say ocean rumbling caused by infragravity waves may account for some of the decade's most dramatic ice breakups, which may only get worse as the climate changes. Full story

‘Flotilla’ of icebergs sails toward New Zealand

Ships in the south Pacific Ocean have been alerted that hundreds of icebergs believed to have split off Antarctic ice shelves are drifting north toward New Zealand, officials said Tuesday. Full story

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East Antarctica bears watching, experts say


  Antarctic Ice Shelf shows huge break

March 26, 2008: Scientists get satellite photos of a huge Connecticut-sized chunk of ice that has broken off the Antarctic ice shelf; these ice breakaways melt, and threaten faster rise in sea levels.

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robot research submarine
robot research submarine

British scientist Adrian Jenkins of the British Antarctic Survey inspects a seven-metre long robot submarine, with the propeller protected by tape, aboard a U.S. ice breaker docked at a port in Punta Arenas, southern Chile, January 6, 2009. The submarine will dive under an ice shelf in Antarctica to