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Computer sales dip for first time in two years

Computer sales slid lower in the first three months of this year for the first time since 2009 as shoppers suffered post-holiday shopping fatigue, Apple Inc's iPad continued to attract buyers and Japan focused on recovering from the earthquake and tsunami. Full story

Apple to stay ahead in tablet boom: Gartner

Apple's iPad will continue to dominate the surging media tablet market for years, with Google playing catch-up, research firm Gartner said on Monday. Full story

Gartner's Smartphone Forecast Attacked

Who really thinks Windows Phone will overtake iOS? Full story

Tablet growth hurts PC demand, says firm

Market research firm Gartner Inc. has reduced its PC shipment forecast for this year and next, predicting the growing popularity of tablet computers such as Apple Inc.'s iPad will cut into the demand for consumer laptops. Full story

Mobile app industry to surge in 2011: Gartner

Tarmo Virki, European Technology Correspondent Full story

Nokia hit by no-brand vendors success: Gartner

Nokia and other established handset makers are quickly losing global market share to a push by Chinese no-brand vendors into emerging markets, research firm Gartner said. Full story

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Apple's iPad success is causing PC market pain


  Gartner's CIO Agenda Survey

IT budgets remain essentially flat in 2010, with Mark McDonald, Gartner Executive Programs Head Of Research.

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This March 11, 2011 file photo shows customers as they try the latest Ipad 2 at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in New York. The tablet computer market is heating up with new entrants all the time, but Apple's iPad will remain the top device over the next few years, according to technology research