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NYT: A passenger's airport wish list

Airlines have taken a lot of heat over bad customer service, but as I was waiting for a flight at La Guardia Airport this summer, I realized that the stress of flying sometimes starts at the terminal curb. Full story

Couple charged in airport luggage thefts

Authorities say an Arizona couple has been indicted in the theft of nearly 1,000 pieces of luggage from baggage claim carousels at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Full story

How to deal with lost luggage

You're standing at a baggage carousel for what seems like forever when the steady flow of bags onto the conveyor belt slows to a trickle, then stops. Your bags are nowhere in sight. Or your bags do show up, but look like an angry gorilla has been throwing them around his cage for sport. Who's respon Full story

À la carte airfare: More fees in your future?

Opinion: Silly me. I thought it was the road to hell that was paved with good intentions. Turns out it’s the corridor to baggage claim. By Rob Lovitt Full story

Weighing in: Getting cranky about carry-ons

Honestly, I had no idea the carry-on vs. checked baggage issue was so contentious. I thought it was about speeding up the check-in process, bypassing baggage claim and realizing that I didn’t always need to bring so much stuff along. Several readers, it seems, thought otherwise. By Rob Lovitt Full story

Dude, where's my bag?

It started out as just an ordinary trip to the Caribbean and wound up as a baggage claim nightmare thanks to two airlines, three airports and the always unnamed gremlins responsible for the increasing amount of misplaced—and downright lost—luggage around the globe. Full story

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Travelers line up to get their luggage
Travelers line up to get their luggage

** FILE ** In this Nov. 21, 2007 file photo, travelers line up to get their luggage in the Southwest Airlines baggage claim at the San Jose International airport in San Jose, Calif. It's time to think of the inside of your carry-on suitcase as real estate: Make the most of what you've got, keep it f