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  What's killing Southern California's sea lions?

Whale, Dolphin Deaths in Gulf Spill Underestimated

The death toll of animals that perished as a result of the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico may be 50 times higher than presently believed, according to a new study in the latest issue of Conservation Letters. Full story

Surge in dolphin deaths spark concern in Gulf

  The carcasses of dozens of bottlenose dolphins, including many calves, are washing up along the shoreline from Florida to Louisiana. NOAA marine mammal biologist Blair Mase talks with’s Dara Brown about this unusual mortality event.

Entire Dolphin Families Dying in Fishing Nets

Dolphins that die after accidentally becoming entangled in fishing nets are often related, with mothers and their offspring being among the most likely to perish together, according to a new study in the latest issue of PLoS ONE. Full story

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Hybrid polar-grizzly bear a sign of Arctic's future?

Mating Mystery: Hybrid Animals Hint at Desperation in Arctic

Teenage great white sharks have weak bite

Whale poop cleans the environment


  Seal pup stops traffic

Nov. 13: Marine mammal officials rescue an elephant seal pup who wandered onto a Calif. highway.'s Dara Brown has the story.

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