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Texas senators won't agree to family planning cuts

State senators have found more money for family planning services that took a beating in a bare-bones budget that House members approved earlier this month. Full story

Gallbladder risk no higher with newer "Pill"

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Despite concerns that one of the newer forms of birth control pill might carry a higher risk of gallbladder disease, a new study suggests that is not the case. Full story

More teens using oral contraceptives

More U.S. teenagers are using birth control pills, according to a new study by Thomson Reuters released on Thursday. Full story

Fewer refills, fewer unplanned pregnancies

Letting women have a year's supply of birth control pills might help prevent more unwanted pregnancies, a new study suggests. Full story

Overcoming real-life on "the Pill"

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Oral contraceptives boast annual unintended pregnancy rates well below 1 percent -- if used correctly and consistently, that is. Full story

Women seeking birth control get unneeded pelvic exams

Many doctors require that women have pelvic exams before they can get prescriptions for birth control pills, despite guidelines saying that the step is unnecessary, a new study finds. Full story

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Women's behavior linked to ... ovulation?


  The Pill turns 50

Rachel Maddow pays tribute to the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill by playing a bit of Loretta Lynn's "The Pill."

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