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  Navigating new infertility studies, technology

Doctors develop $260 test-tube baby system for poor world

LONDON (Reuters) - Belgian doctors have developed a low-cost version of test-tube baby technology for use in developing countries, where sophisticated Western systems are unaffordable for most couples. Full story

Infertility May Be Linked to Taste Genes

Genes involved in tasting sweet and savory flavors on the tongue also play a key role in properly working sperm, new research in animals finds. Full story

Endometriosis more common in lean women: study

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Heavy women are less likely to be diagnosed with endometriosis than their slimmer peers, according to a new study. Full story

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Sperm Quality & Quantity Declining, Mounting Evidence Suggests

Bill would expand fertility coverage for veterans

Eating walnuts daily can give sperm an extra kick

5 Million Babies Born from IVF, Other Reproductive Technologies

Infertility Genes Could Lead to Male Contraception

Birth defect risk rises with some fertility treatments

Women Shoulder Infertility Worries, Survey Suggests

Dads less likely to die of heart problems

Diabetes drug at 8 could shield girls from infertility

Mutant Sperm May Explain Mysterious Cases of Male Infertility


  Elisabeth Rohm opens up about infertility

Actress Elisabeth Rohm talks about her difficult road to motherhood, including struggling with infertility and eventually undergoing IVF to have her daughter, as outlined in her new book, “Baby Steps.”