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McCain adviser: Palin’s book is fiction

Nicolle Wallace, who was a senior adviser in the McCain campaign, says that Sarah Palin's depictions of her and former campaign director Steve Schmidt "took place entirely in her imagination."Full story

Nicolle Wallace responds to Palin charges

  Nov. 17: Rachel Maddow discusses statements by former McCain campaign staffer Nicolle Wallace to The Rachel Maddow Show about Sarah Palin's new book with Ana Marie Cox of Air America Radio.

Does Palin’s book tour signal her future?

  Nov. 18: Former McCain staffer John Yob discusses why Sarah Palin may have chosen Michigan as the first stop in her book tour.

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  A TRMS exclusive biggie

Nov. 17: Bill Wolff, executive producer for The Rachel Maddow Show, highlights the topics of Tuesday's show including statements from former McCain campaign staffer Nicole Wallace obtained exclusively by a TRMS producer.

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