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Global health group seeks to "save brains" as well as lives

LONDON (Reuters) - As many as 200 million children across the world fail to reach their full potential because their early brain development is held back by poverty, disease and malnutrition, global health experts said on Thursday. Full story

Bill Gates Takes Aim at Global Health

   Bill Gates, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, discusses vaccines, poverty and technology's role in health care, with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

Mylan CEO on Global Health Access

   Robert Coury, CEO of Mylan Laboratories, discusses global health access, shares his outlook on AIDS/HIV drugs and talks about the company's recenty-approved generic Prograf drug.

Nonstop relief effort underway

   Jan. 15: Global Health’s Dr. Dan Carucci talks about the state of supplies and health conditions in Haiti.

WHO: Nearly 1 in 5 babies still missed by vaccines

A record 106 million infants were vaccinated last year against life-threatening diseases, but nearly 1 in 5 babies still aren't fully protected, global health authorities reported Wednesday. Full story

President Clinton's Caucus of Change

   The Clinton Global Initiative's 2009 annual meeting kicks off today, and leaders in politics, business and humanitarianism have gathered in New York to address education, climate change, global health and poverty. Former President Bill Clinton discusse...

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  Clinton on education

Former President Bill Clinton discussed global health and education among poorer countries with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.

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