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Obama assembles all-star cast to talk immigration

His immigration overhaul stalled, President Barack Obama is enlisting an array of voices, including Latino entertainment and media stars, to help jump-start legislation and reassure crucial but restless Hispanic voters that he has not abandoned his campaign pledge to change the law.Full story

Obama criticizes new Georgia immigration law

President Barack Obama on Tuesday criticized an immigration bill passed by Georgia's Legislature that would give police authority to question suspects about their immigration status. Full story

Congressman urges lawsuit on Utah immigration law

The Texas congressman who heads the U.S. House Judiciary Committee has accused the Justice Department of being "hypocritical" for not pursuing legal action against a Utah law approving a guest worker program for illegal immigrants. Full story

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Obama to hold meeting on immigration law change

Court won't lift stay on Ariz. immigration law

Limited immigration law goes into force in Ariz.

He did the right thing; now he faces deportation

U.S. split over Ariz. immigration law

Kansas lawyer is architect of immigration laws

Kansan is architect of many immigration laws


  Appeals court upholds block of Arizona law

A federal appeals court has upheld a ruling so police will not be allowed to question people’s immigration status if they’re stopped or arrest them without a warrant. Telemundo’s Jose Diaz Balart joins the conversation.