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Fungus Among Us? Mold Concerns Delay Space Station Cargo Ship's Opening

The robotic European cargo ship Albert Einstein was opened Tuesday morning (June 18) at the International Space Station, a day late because of concerns that mold may have grown inside the vehicle, NASA officials said. Full story

'Albert Einstein' in Space: Europe Launches Cargo Spacecraft Named for Scientist

The European Space Agency launched its penultimate mission to the International Space Station on Wednesday (June 5), expending great energy to lift a record amount of mass aboard a spacecraft named for the scientist famous for equating the two quantities with the expression "E=mc^2." Full story

Experts Use Tech Gadgets to Explain the Nature of Time

Is time an illusion? Does time "pass"? And do people have free will, or just predetermined destiny? Full story

Stephen Hawking Gets Superhero Treatment in New Comic

Living legend Stephen Hawking has already achieved superhero status in the eyes of many science geeks, and now his ideas are being honored in comic book form. Full story

Why 3-month-olds get quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics, the bizarre set of rules that govern the behavior of elementary particles, is notoriously confounding. Even Albert Einstein — winner of a Nobel Prize for his work in the field — thought there was something dicey about the whole business. But then again, he was a grown man. Full story

New test nixes faster-than-light neutrino claim

European researchers said Friday they have measured the speed of neutrinos and found the subatomic particles don't travel faster than light after all, refuting another team's measurements that prompted widespread disbelief among scientists last year. Full story

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Why the speed of light matters

A faster-than-light particle? Astounding!

Why Aren't We Smarter?

Robot spaceship gets brainy name: Albert Einstein

Probe confirms that we live in space-time warp

U.S. trying secure networks as hackers advance

Time Warps an Everyday Occurrence

The Higher You Are, the Faster You Age

Solar sail test could prove space-time theory


  Portions of Einstein's brain to be displayed

A neuropathologist has donated slides containing samples of Albert Einstein's brain to a museum in Philadelphia, Penn.

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