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Alaska law would allow military to drink at age 18

Alaska is the latest state to weigh in on a long-running argument: If you're old enough to fight and die for your country, you should be old enough to drink a beer.Full story

Bethel author's book hard to find in Alaska

As book signings go, the release party for "The Raven's Gift" in February was a smashing success. The theater at the Snow Goose was packed. Tall stacks of books steadily shriveled throughout the night. Friends and fans stood in a long queue to get their copies signed by author Don Rearden or chatted Full story

Group: Fairbanks should stop fluoride in water

A task force recommended that Fairbanks stop adding fluoride to its public water supply, which the city has been doing for a half-century to prevent tooth decay. Full story

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Alaska remains are oldest found in Arctic North America

11,500-year-old remains of toddler found

Alaska sexual violence far worse than reported: study

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