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Rotating Sunspots Triggered Massive Solar Flare

The most powerful solar flare unleashed from the sun in nearly five years was triggered by interactions between dark regions on the solar surface that rotate and twist the sun's magnetic field, a new study shows. Full story

Solar eruption creates spectacular 'sun tentacle'

A NASA spacecraft watching the sun has caught a dazzling view of a solar eruption that launched a vast tendril of magnetic plasma into space. Full story

Boom! Sun unleashes yet another big solar flare

The sun unleashed another major solar flare Wednesday, a solar storm so powerful it could spawn dazzling northern lights displays that could be visible even from New York City. Full story

Scientists solve mystery of disappearing sunspots

A trio of top solar scientists said on Wednesday they had solved the mystery behind the disappearance of sunspots, a phenomenon that has stumped astrophysicists worldwide for more than two centuries. Full story

Amazing NASA video of solar flare

   NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory captured this video of a massive solar eruption on Feb. 24. The source was an active region located just behind the sun's eastern limb, and the coronal mass ejection was not directed at Earth. (no audio)

Solar flare shows dazzling eruption

   NASA captures a solar flare kicking a huge wave of plasma. Msnbc's Richard Lui has the details.

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'Monster' Solar Storm Erupts On the Sun

U.S. Must Take Space Storm Threat Seriously, Experts Warn

Experts warn U.S. must take space storms seriously

Mega solar flare disrupts communications, GPS

Here comes the sun: Solar flares make way to Earth

Sun erupts with mightiest solar flare in 4 years

Earth 'in the crosshairs' of a solar explosion

Huge solar explosions can rock the entire sun

Sun Unleashes Most Powerful Solar Flare in Years

Sun eruption may supercharge northern lights Monday


  NBC News Update 2 02-28-11

Diplomats on Khaddafy; S Korea War Games; Solar Flare

  Solar flares spark spectacular sky show

Thanks to an intense period of solar flares, Northern Lights have been spotted from Canada, Scotland and Northern Ireland. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

  Feb. 18: Nightly News Friday broadcast

Fury continues over bill to end collective bargaining;Bahrain protest ends in bloodshed; Bahrain crackdown leaves medics overwhelmed; Egypt demonstrators mark day of victory; Study: Many surgical breast biopsies unnecessary; New generation changes face of Texas; Solar flares spark spectacular sky sh

  Solar storm sparks northern lights

A massive solar flare causes a beautiful light show in the northern skies. Space expert James Oberg explains what's behind the celestial show.

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Image of a solar eruption
Image of a solar eruption

A massive solar eruption just behind the sun's eastern limb was captured by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

Image of double solar eruption on the sun
Image of double solar eruption on the sun

The Solar Dynamics Observator caught nearly simultaneous solar eruptions on opposite sides of the sun. Recent research suggests the activity might be linked.

This NASA image obtained October 21, 2010 shows a fast-growing sunspot 1112, crackling with solar flares. So far, none of the blasts has hurled a substantial CME, or coronal mass ejection, toward Earth. In addition, a vast filament of magnetism is cutting across the sun's southern hemisphere. This f

In this photo released on August 8, 2010
In this photo released on August 8, 2010

In this photo released on August 8, 2010 shows almost the entire Earth-facing side of the sun erupting in a tumult of activity on August 1, 2010. This image from the Solar Dynamics Observatory of the news-making solar event on August 1 shows the C3-class solar flare , a solar tsunami (wave-like stru