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Kan. lawmakers frustrated with budget talks' pace

Kansas legislators grew frustrated Monday with the slow pace of talks on a $14 billion state budget, with House and Senate negotiators blaming each other for their inability so far to resolve differences over education funding and other issues. Full story

Snyder: Don't bank on extra money for state budget

Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday cautioned against making premature plans to alleviate Michigan's budget problems with money the state doesn't yet have. Full story

Iowa gov says he may veto part of spending bill

Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is indicating he might veto parts of a bill that addressed issues ranging from tax relief to paying lawyers to defend low-income clients. Full story

NJ: What's in the 'compromise' spending bill?

A guide to the proposed "compromise" legislation to fund the federal government for the remainder of the fiscal year — the current emergency stopgap plan expires Friday. Full story

Q+A: What's next in the budget fight?

Now that President Barack Obama and congressional leaders have reached a deal on spending for the remainder of this fiscal year, averting a government shutdown, what's left to do on budget matters? Full story

Lawmakers hear public complaints about budget

Legislators heard a variety of state budget requests from the public Thursday, among them: Don't sell the state's prisons. Don't cut school-based health clinics. Provide more money for assisted living programs for the elderly. Full story

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What GOP budget cuts say about party priorities

Lawmaker wants SEC details before money decided

Analysis: Political gamble in GOP budget-cutting

GOP spending cuts would affect millions

Massive budget bill faces opposition in Senate

Much remains at La. legislative session midpoint


  Battle over earmarks brewing in Congress

Politico’s Martin Kady discusses the appointment of Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Ky., as chair of the House Appropriations Committee. Some critics refer to him as the “Prince of Pork,” because he’s pushed through 135 earmarks worth almost $250 million in two years.

  Deficit hawks, policy ostriches

The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein discusses why most Republicans are trying to avoid cutting government spending and refuse to serve on the House Appropriations Committee.

  Rep. David Obey to retire

David Obey, a leading liberal Democrat from Wisconsin and chairman of the formidable House Appropriations Committee announced Wednesday he is retiring after 41 years in the House. NBC's Brian Williams reports.

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Press conference on the budget emergency facing public education
Press conference on the budget emergency facing public education

** COMMERCIAL PHOTO** In this photo taken by Feature Photo Service for NEA: Rep. Dave Obey (D-Wis.), chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, speaks at a press conference on the budget emergency facing public education, Weds., May 26, 2010, Washington, DC. On hand were Secretary of Educ