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Rare Sky Sight: Europeans Could See Endeavour, Fuel Tank After Shuttle Launch

Favorably placed skywatchers in western and central Europe will get a rare opportunity tomorrow evening (April 29) to watch as the space shuttle Endeavour – on its 25th and final mission into space — appears to fly in formation with its giant external fuel tank shortly after launch.  Full story

Smithsonian considers display of shuttle debris

The Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum may incorporate debris from space shuttles Columbia and Challenger in its new gallery dedicated to the soon-ending shuttle program. The Washington, D.C., display will only go forward however, if the families of the shuttles' fallen astronau Full story

Discovery rolls out for its last launch ... again

The space shuttle Discovery repeated history Monday night, making its final trip to the launch pad — for the second time. Full story

NASA and Congress spar over heavy-lift rocket

NASA has told lawmakers that it could build a heavy-lift rocket incorporating the space shuttle’s main engines, giant external tank and taller versions of the shuttle's solid-rocket boosters — but not within Congress' budget and timetable. Full story

NASA Delays Shuttle Discovery's Final Launch to February Over Fuel Tank Cracks

This story was updated at 2:18 p.m. EST. NASA has postponed the launch of space shuttle Discovery's final mission to no sooner than early February the latest in a long string of delays that have kept the spacecraft grounded for over than a month. Full story

People along East Coast may see shuttle launch

People in the eastern United States will get a great opportunity, weather permitting, to see the space shuttle Discovery launched into orbit early Tuesday morning. Full story

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Shuttle launch date slips a few more days

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Space Shuttle Discovery
Space Shuttle Discovery

epa01663202 Space Shuttle Discovery and the external tank sits on launch pad 39-A at Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida, USA, 12 March 2009. The launch of Space Shuttle Discovery scrubbed at 2:27P.M. ED 11 March 2009 due to a hydrogen leak in the liquid hydrogen vent line between the Spa

Bird shuttle
Bird shuttle

In the wrong place at the wrong time, a bird is silhouetted against the clear blue Florida sky as it falls away from Space Shuttle Discovery after hitting the external tank during liftoff of mission STS-114 in July 2005.