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    >>> some pretty terrifying moments in missouri after a jet hits a flock of birds. the pilot managed to land safely without anyone on board getting hurt. joining me with more is an affiliate reporter. can you walk us through what happened? good morning to you.

    >> reporter: it happened about 7:30 last night and shortly after takeoff a. frontier plane was headed to denver and had to make an emergency landing after hitting a flock of birds. the passengers say that the cabin shook and filled up with smoke and it was a very frightening experience for many of them. some of them said they thought the plane was going to go down and, of course, that plane did land safely. all 129 passengers on board are okay. and they're not sure exactly what type of birds that those are. i have to tell you, in this area, there are some canadian wild geese and they have had some issues with those. back to you.

    >> liz, so we understand that one -- one engine completely lost power. is that the one that was passengers saw the sparks with fire emanating from it?

    >> reporter: yeah. i think that there were some witness accounts that said there was some smoke. somebody had said that they had seen a big hole in the plane. and so, obviously, very frightening. but they managed to get that plane down safely and everybody's okay so that's the good news.

    >> all right. that is the good news there. liz zamra, thank you so much from

updated 11/16/2009 10:51:13 AM ET 2009-11-16T15:51:13

Airport officials in Kansas City say a passenger jet struck a flock of birds shortly after takeoff and returned to land safely.

The Frontier Airlines flight took off about 7 p.m. Saturday night bound for Denver when it hit the birds at an altitude of about 4,000 feet.

Kansas City International Airport spokeswoman Kathleen Hefner told KSHB-TV that both engines were hit, but only one lost power.

Passengers said they saw flames shooting from one of the engines and there was a terrible smell in the cabin.

Bird-aircraft collisions are not unusual, but they are being more scrutinized since US Airways Flight 1549 safely ditched in the Hudson River in January after striking a flock of geese after takeoff from New York's LaGuardia Airport.

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