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New traveler protections get mixed reviews

Long-awaited passenger protections issued by the DOT have been met with mixed reviews by industry observers. Some business-travel and consumer advocates say the new rules are a positive step but don't go far enough. Full story

IBM training computers to predict traffic

Traffic websites, with their color-coded maps of clogged streets and freeways, are good at telling commuters when congestion is already awful. But what if they could know not only where you drive, but if the route is going to be bad today, and warned you ahead of time? Full story

NYT: Air travelers embrace getting bumped

Eager to gain free travel vouchers and hotel rooms, some passengers have turned getting bumped into an art form. Full story

AirTran leads airline quality study, Hawaiian 2nd

Low-cost air carrier AirTran had the best performance of the 16 largest U.S. air carriers last year, pulling ahead of previous leader Hawaiian Airlines in an annual study of airline quality. The study, sponsored by Purdue University in Indiana and by Wichita State University in Kansas, is based on D Full story

Complaints about airline service in 2010

Complaints about airline service to the Department of Transportation rose 28 percent last year, according to an annual study of airline quality. How the 16 largest U.S. airlines stacked up, based on the number of complaints per 100,000 passengers: Full story

1 in 5 air traffic control trainees wash out

A government report says more than a fifth of air traffic controllers hired by the Federal Aviation Administration in recent years washed out before finishing their training. Full story

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Nearly third of young texted while driving: poll

Poll shows 30 percent of young drivers text at the wheel

Delta fined $2 million over disabilities rules

Alaska oil pipeline at risk, U.S. warns

Owner: Kitten froze to death in plane's cargo hold

AT&T documentary warns of texting and driving

America's worst tarmac delays

Government trying to block cell phones in cars

Take charge, save money on airfare

Fewer fliers subject to lengthy tarmac delays


  New report shows sharp drop in auto deaths

Traffic fatalities are at their lowest levels in six decades, according to a report from the Department of Transportation. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

  Baggage Fee Boom

The nation's top 20 airlines took in $2.56 billion in baggage fees between January and September of 2010, according to the Department of Transportation. NBC's Tom Costello has the story.

  Officials push for backup cameras in new cars

In an effort to protect children from a hidden driving hazard, the Department of Transportation is requiring that by 2014, all cars come equipped with a rear-view camera. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

  Summit aims to curb texting while driving

With the number of road accidents attributed to cell phone calls and text messaging on the rise, the Department of Transportation is reviewing legislation to ban these driving distractions. NBC’s Tom Costello reports.

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Eau Claire, Wisc.
Eau Claire, Wisc.

First responders make their way towards a wounded motorist who was involved in one of multiple auto accidents along the east bound lanes of I-94 in Eau Claire, Wis., Sunday afternoon, Feb. 20, 2011. Parts of I-94 were closed because of multiple crashes near the Highway 93 intersection. The state Dep

** FILE ** A March 1990 file photo of deployed airbag in of of two Chrysler LeBarons that crashed head-on in Culpeper, Va. Twenty years ago this month, the government made a decision that saved 15,000 lives _ but killed 242 others. On July 11, 1984, then-Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole i

Planes on the tarmac at LaGuardia Airport
Planes on the tarmac at LaGuardia Airport

NEW YORK - APRIL 29: Planes are viewed on the tarmac at LaGuardia Airport on April 29, 2010 in New York, New York. Beginning today a new Department of Transportation rule will fine airlines for keeping passengers on grounded planes for more than three hours and they will be required to give passeng