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Best sky show of year defies explanation

The upcoming Geminid meteor shower next week may promise to be the best sky show of the year, but for many scientists its a space light show shrouded in mystery.Full story

The Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks Wednesday: Tips for Skywatching

This is the week that the famous Leonid meteor shower will be reaching its peak, and the best viewing of these ultra-swift "shooting stars" should come before dawn on Wednesday and Thursday (Nov. 17 and 18). Full story

Shooting star show's brilliant history

The Leonid meteor shower is back this month and poised to hit its peak next week. But there's a long history associated with the annual skywatching event. Full story

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How Comets Cause Meteor Showers

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View of a shooting star and northern light near Skekarsbo at the Farnebofjardens national park 150 kilometers north of Stockholm, late on October 8, 2011. AFP PHOTO SCANPIX P-M Heden ** SWEDEN OUT ** (Photo credit should read P-M HEDEN/AFP/Getty Images)