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Social issues still fire up GOP despite 2012 loss

Republican lawmakers have a message for those who want the party to soften its emphasis on social conservatism in hopes of reaching a wider national audience: "Not so fast." Full story

Who is the future of the GOP?

Why Senators Rand Paul and Marco Rubio need each other. Full story

Cupp: Rand Paul and Marco Rubio need each other

   S.E. Cupp explains why, despite their dueling visions for the future of the GOP, Sens. Marco Rubio and Rand Paul need each other.

My ultimatum on accepting CPAC’s invitation

Yes, the legendary Conservative Political Action Conference has invited yours truly to participate at its 40th annual conference this March. How my decision to participate hinges on the gay conservative group, GOProud. Full story

The GOP’s policy positions of the future

   The Up with Chris Hayes panel looks at why Democrats still need a Republican Party and how the GOP might shift their platform to remain a powerful force.

Stubborn GOP members will hurt the country

   The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson talks about the problem with conservatism and issues such as banning assault weapons and tax revenues.

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  Do conservatives actually need to reinvent after loss?

Must-Read Op-Eds: Joe Scarborough reads from a Charles Krauthammer WaPo column on why in the face of Romney's loss conservatives don't need reinvention but to "[d]o conservatism but do it better."

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