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Thousands flee flood-hit dam; Zion park closed

Some 6,000 residents downstream from a dam in southern Utah were ordered to evacaute on Tuesday due to flooding that threatened the structure as well as forced officials to close down Zion National Park. Full story

Southern Utah flood closes national park

Authorities have closed Zion National Park in southern Utah because of rising river levels and the risk of flooding. Raging waters also wiped out one of two bridges to the town of Gunlock. Full story

Southern Utah flooding wipes out bridge

Authorities say flooding has wiped out one of two bridges to the southern Utah town of Gunlock. Full story

Really Horny Dinosaur Heralded from Lost Continent

A bizarre dinosaur with 15 horns is one of two new close relatives of Triceratops that scientists unearthed in southern Utah from lands once part of a now-lost continent. Full story

Frilly-Horned Dino Found on 'Lost Continent'

Two spectacular new species of horned, triceratops-like dinosaurs have been found in southern Utah, report paleontologists. The ornately frilled rhino-sized dinos are more than just eye candy, however. They are deepening a mystery about a long lost island that supported a seemingly impossible number Full story

New dinosaur species found in Utah sandstone

A new species of dinosaur has emerged from the rocks of southern Utah. Buried by a collapsing sand dune, perhaps 185 million years ago, the new dino was probably a plant eater and an early relative of the giant animals later known as sauropods. Full story

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Oldest death row inmate dies at 94 in Arizona

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This undated photo provided by the National Park Service, shows Rainbow Bridge in far southern Utah. The National Park Service is commemorating the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of Rainbow Bridge National Monument on Sunday, May 30, 2010. (AP Photo/National Park Service, Jack Quintero)