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Distillers recreating Washington's peach brandy

George Washington is best known as a general and statesman, but this week a group of experts was more interested in another one of the first president's talents: making peach brandy.Full story

Exhibit shows the real George Washington

From clothing to dentures, a new exhibit featuring more than 100 items on George Washington aims to dispel misconceptions created by the portrait popularized by its appearance in most elementary schools across the nation. Full story

George Washington’s dentures on display

  Oct. 15: The lower half of George Washington’s dentures is on display at Mount Vernon.’s Becca Field reports.

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Mount Vernon Prepares For Christmas
Mount Vernon Prepares For Christmas

MT. VERNON, VA - DECEMBER 4: A candle sits in a lamp lighting the way for guests arriving to George Washington?s Mount Vernon Estate as Ben Schulz and Steve Stuart wait for the gates to open December 4, 2004 in Mount Vernon, Virginia. The holiday tour treats visitors as holiday guests of the Washi