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Whale of a Record: 306 Humpbacks Spotted Near Antarctica

A record-breaking crowd of humpback whales has been seen in chilly waters near Antarctica, giving researchers a unique opportunity to study the colossal creatures — not to mention a few thrills. Full story

Humpbacks possess amazing navigation skills

The giants that migrate farther than any other mammal on Earth, humpback whales, do so with mysterious, extraordinary accuracy, veering off course by less than 1 degree over hundreds of miles, scientists find. Full story

Where humpback whales breed: Puzzle solved?

The endangered humpback whale was once on the brink of extinction because of the whaling practices of the first half of the 20th century. Now, thanks to international protection, their numbers have dramatically increased to about 20,000 whales. But where they all went to breed during the winter has Full story

The Greatest Migration on Earth

It was the greatest example of migration by a mammal on Earth — a journey made by a humpback whale across nearly a quarter of the planet. Luckily, with the help of the Internet, scientists managed to capture it on camera. Full story

A whale of a trip! Humpback makes record migration

It wasn't love. It could have been adventure. Or maybe she just got lost. Full story

Sick whale euthanized with explosives

   Authorities use lethal explosives to euthanize a sick humpback whale that was stranded on a beach in Western Australia two weeks ago.'s Dara Brown reports.

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Crew plans to cut rope to free Hawaii whale

Feds reviewing humpback whale status

U.S.-funded nets killing whales and turtles

Male whales prefer enormous females

Prospects grim for lost baby whale

‘Bukie’ creates wonderment in the Baltic

Scientists tap motion in the ocean for energy

Humpback whales make a dramatic comeback

Low-profile singers of the animal world!


  Whale frolics close to Aussie shore

A giant humpback whale puts on a spectacular show for on-lookers close tot he Australian shore.'s Dara Brown reports.

  Dead whale found pinned to cruise liner

A dead humpback whale is found pinned to a Princess Cruise vessel near Juneau. Alex Witt reports.

  Crews remove dead whale from Fla. shipping channel

Oct. 5: Wildlife workers remove a dead humpback whale from a Florida shipping channel.'s Becca Field reports.

  Tangled whale rescued off N.J. shore

Feb. 24: A three-member crew cut loose a humpback whale after it got tangled in fishing nets.'s Dara Brown reports.

  Humpback whale spotted in Puget Sound

May 29: A humpback whale is seen swimming in Puget Sound in Washington state.'s Dara Brown reports.

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humpback whale
humpback whale

Just 80 miles north of the Dominican Republic, in the Silver Bank marine park, Atlantic humpbacks arrive each winter to breed. The water is incredibly clear, making it possible to see whales swimming below your boat while they sing. The humpbacks are protected, but snorkelers are allowed to swim alo

Humpback whale
Humpback whale

A humpback whale jumps at a whale watching point, off Okinawa, southwestern Japan, Tuesday, March 25, 2008.


People photograph the body of a dead humpback whale on February 16, 2009 in Omonville-la-Rogue, north-west France, a rare species to the Channel. A French fishermen brought the whale back in his nets, saying that it was already dead when it was caught in the nets. A team of scientists from the Centr

vortices along a humpback whale fin
vortices along a humpback whale fin

Large vortices form behind the troughs along the leading edge of a humpback whale fin, whereas flow behind the tubercles forms straight streamlines. The effect of these flow patterns induced by the tubercles is to delay stall. In the same way, tubercles on wind turbines, fans, and perhaps even helic