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Obama talks energy policy as gas prices climb

Seeking to show he understands the burden of rising gas prices, President Barack Obama set an ambitious goal of reducing U.S. oil imports by one-third by 2025, and vowed to break through the political gridlock that has stymied similar initiatives for decades. Full story

More Highs for Molex?

   Molex, a company that manufactures and sells electronic components worldwide, is hitting a 52-week high, with Stewart Scharf, equity analyst at Standard & Poor's.

The complete guide to the iPhone's new OS

The new iOS 4 firmware update has arrived for newer iPhone and iPod Touch models.  Here's what you need to know to get the most out of the new, improved operating system. Full story

Troubleshooter: Full fare for two flat tires?

A family trip is ruined after a rental van gets a flat, as does its spare. Now their car rental company wants to charge them for the rental, plus the damage. Can it do that? Full story

I can’t get a refund for my cruise

Jeff Allen fell and broke his tibial plateau just before a Carnival cruise. The company gave him a 50 percent cruise credit, but he wants a redo after surgery. Who is right? Full story

What is Google Froyo?

Gizmodo: Google's out with Android 2.2  — codename: Froyo — and so far we're impressed. But what is it, exactly? Full story

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Two change fees, one  ticket and zero help

Troubleshooter: Paying twice for my flights

Who’s charging $257 for a room I won’t use?

Make the logo bigger: 10 rebranding disasters

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