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FTC refunds $6M to duped supplement purchasers

The Federal Trade Commission said Tuesday that it was sending $6 million in refunds to more than 153,000 consumers who were duped by deceptive advertising for supplements that were supposed to cause weight loss and treat erectile dysfunction. Full story

Migraines likelier in men with impotence

Full story

Men's sex problems often go beyond Viagra

A large percentage of men with erectile dysfunction (ED) also suffer from other sexual problems that can't be treated with drugs, a new study says. The results show 65 percent of men with ED are unable to have an orgasm, and 58 percent have problems with ejaculation. Approximately 30 million America Full story

Buddies with Your Beau's Friends? It May Impact Your Sex Life

When a woman has more communication with her male partner's closest buddies than he does, she may be putting the kibosh on their sex lives, as the result could be sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction for the man, a new study shows. Full story

Teachers want taxpayer-funded Viagra back

With the Milwaukee school district in a financial crisis and hundreds facing layoffs, the  teachers union is taking a peculiar stand: fighting to get its taxpayer-funded Viagra back. Full story

Shocking treatment helps erectile dysfunction

If you experience impotence, instead of a little blue pill maybe you want to apply shockwaves to your privates instead. Full story

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