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  Vice President Biden on the future of Iraq

White House: Future of Iraq is in Iraqis’ hands

  White House press secretary Robert Gibbs tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer that Gen. Ray Odierno has advised the president that redeploying  combat forces to Iraq if violence surges won’t be necessary, saying Iraqi forces are capable of combating violence.

U.S. troops to return only if Iraqi forces fail

It would take "a complete failure" of the Iraqi security forces for the U.S. to resume combat operations there, the top American commander in Iraq said as the final U.S. fighting forces prepared to leave the country. Full story

War in Iraq a success? Time will tell, general says

As American troops wind up their combat role in Iraq, the top U.S. commander in Iraq said Friday that it’s not yet clear whether the war will ultimately be considered a success. Full story

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  Was the Iraq War worth it?

NBC’s Richard Engel talks exclusively with Gen. Ray Odierno, the top commander in charge of U.S. forces on the ground, about the success of the Iraq War.

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