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Owner of egg farm will not testify at US hearing

The owner of one of two egg farms in the state of Iowa linked to as many as 1,600 salmonella illnesses declined to testify at a congressional hearing Wednesday, citing his U.S. constitutional right against self-incrimination.Full story

Egg company heads give Congress few answers

The heads of two Iowa egg farms linked to as many as 1,600 salmonella illnesses this summer gave Congress few answers in testimony about the conditions at their farms Wednesday, as one executive would not testify and the other did not answer many of the lawmakers' questions. Full story

3 ways Republicans want to repeal health laws

Republicans are vowing to repeal or make major revisions in the health law that Democrats squeezed through Congress in March. But how difficult would it be to overturn that law? Full story

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House panel acts on student athlete concussions

NJ congressmen examine teen athlete concussions

Fact or fiction? No cash payments for doctors

GOP opposition over net neutrality grows


  Lawmaker rejects NFL commissioner

Nov. 3: Rep. Bobby Rush, the chair of House Energy and Commerce subcommittee, decides against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell request for a Congressional intervention to amend federal labor laws on drug testing and anti-doping policies.

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