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  Drugstore or designer: The truth about shades

How to extinguish a kitchen fire

  Janice Lieberman, of Reader’s Digest, and fire-safety expert Ryan O’Donnell show you how to properly squelch out-of-control stove-top and oven flames.

Avoid decorating disasters online

  Designers are now offering their stylish services via e-mail to help customers save time and money. Interior designer Betsy Burnham and Janice Lieberman, of Reader’s Digest, offer advice.

Keep your furniture looking new

  From removing spots on upholstery to concealing scratches on wood, Janice Lieberman of Reader’s Digest magazine has simple tips for how to keep your furniture looking showroom-new. 

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  Caring for your clothes

Don’t get taken to the cleaners! Janice Lieberman of Reader’s Digest magazine and Heloise show you how to extend the life of your wardrobe with simple laundry tips.

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