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Listening telescope for space aliens shut down by cutbacks

The search for intelligent life in the universe, at least beyond planet Earth, has been dealt a major blow by government budget constraints. Full story

Listening to the Symphony of the Stars with SKA

Everything you see when you look up at the night sky emits visible light. But like an orchestra, if you only tune in to the sound from the violin, then you are missing the greatest portion of the music. To fully appreciate the orchestra's true magnificence you must listen to all the instruments. Full story

Black hole spews jets in telescope's first image

A new array of radio telescopes has captured its first images, showing a huge jet blasting away from a galaxy with a powerful black hole at its heart. Full story

Refitted radio telescope observes distant supernova

A brand new telescope is coming online, but it doesn't look all that new to most. Full story

Largest radio telescope network goes live

The world's largest collection of radio telescopes is being tied together for 24 hours starting today to observe more than two hundred energetic galaxies known as quasars. Full story

Astronomers identify ‘super planetary nebula’

A new class of cosmic object — dubbed a "super planetary nebula" — has been identified by astronomers. Full story

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Shhh! Gadget racket threatens pulsar research

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