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NY county launches tourism campaign

Westchester County north of New York is giving tourists and residents 100 reasons to discover its attractions. Full story

Convert an old room to a useful space

   TODAY contributor George Oliphant helps a young widow convert her husband’s workout room into an office, and also gives msnbc’s Tamron Hall some tips for making an old room look new again.

Cyberbullied teen: ‘Smut’ list was a ‘nightmare’

   Linnese Ortega, a teenage mom, says that appearing on a Facebook “smut list” revived the pain of being singled out for her pregnancy: “I thought this nightmare was over.”

Factbox: Makeup of jury in Rajaratnam trial

A panel of seven women and five men are serving on the jury in the criminal insider trading trial of hedge fund founder Raj Rajaratnam in New York. Full story

Woman accused of looting overdue library fines

A woman who worked for a New York public library has been accused of stealing more than $160,000, including fines for overdue books. Full story

Zuckerberg exposed to computers early, dad says

Mark Zuckerberg's father said in a radio interview Friday that an early exposure to computers inspired his son's interest in technology, and he encouraged parents to support their children's strengths and passions with a balance of "work and play." Full story

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  Facebook boss gives $100 million to city’s  schools

Eric Zuckerberg, the founder of of the social networking site Facebook, is reportedly donating $100 million to improve Newark, N.J.’s troubled school system. CNBC’s Trish Regan reports.

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Bus Industry Receives National Scrutiny After Recent Series Of Accidents
Bus Industry Receives National Scrutiny After Recent Series Of Accidents

PHILADELPHIA, PA - MARCH 30: A man walks by discount buses to New York City on March 30, 2011 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After a series of recent accidents, one of which killed 15 and injured more than a dozen others on March 12 on the Westchester County-Bronx border, discount bus services have