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Shockwave therapy fails in study of 'jumper's knee'

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - A therapy that uses sound waves to heal injured tissue may not be much help for athletes with "jumper's knee" -- at least when the treatment is used alone, a new study suggests. Full story

How squid hear: It’s the motion of the ocean

Squid can hear, scientists have confirmed. But they don't detect the changes in pressure associated with sound waves, like we do. They have another, more primitive, technique for listening: They sense the motion generated by sound waves. Full story

Fear the Dentist? Noise-Canceling Device May Help

The high-pitch buzz of a dentist's drill is the prime cause of anxiety about the tooth checkup. Now researchers have created a device to cancel out the noise, which may help individuals keep up oral care without the panic. Full story

Cell phones powered by conversation?

Chatty teenagers could be the world's next renewable energy source. Full story

Sound waves on distant star reveal sun-like cycle

Astronomers studying sound waves on a distant star have discovered that it has a magnetic cycle similar to our sun's solar cycle. Full story

'Sound bullets' could blast submarines, cancer

An old toy has inspired a powerful new weapon that could destroy submarines or annihilate tumors. Full story

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