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Rare exoplanet has 'Star Wars'-like twin sunset

How realistic is it to have a stable planet orbiting one (or both) of the stars in a binary system? According to some fascinating research led by astronomers at Tennessee State University, such a double-sunset scene may not be too farfetched. Full story

Fed Head in Focus

  A breakdown of Bernanke's latest report on the economy and monetary policy and the impact on the markets, with William Ford, Tennessee State University former Atlanta Fed president; Ronald Kruszewski, Stifel, Nicolaus & Co. chairman/CEO; David Goldman...

Paying a doctor with vegetables?

  Psycho talk: Ed Schultz points out various other GOP lawmakers who are taking the bartering-for-health-care idea to a whole new level.

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Will Coleman, Will Barton, Michael Green, Patrick Miller
Will Coleman, Will Barton, Michael Green, Patrick Miller

Memphis players Will Coleman and Will Barton, left, square off with Tennessee State players Michael Green, center, and Patrick Miller, right, after a foul by Tennessee State guard Wil Peters on Memphis guard Antonio Barton during the second half of an NCAA college basketball game in Memphis, Tenn.,