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Minn. Senate GOP tax bill revives local aid cuts

Minnesota Senate Republicans proposed a tax package Wednesday that cuts business property taxes and provides about $40 million worth of property tax refunds to middle class taxpayers, while reducing state aid to local governments by about $640 million and giving them more latitude to raise local sal Full story

Mont. Senate GOP moves to tilt environmental law

Senate Republicans are moving forward with their plan to tilt the state's main environmental law in favor of industry, despite objections from Democrats that the plan undermines key protections for clean air and water. Full story

Senate GOP canceling $4 million in Fla. TV ads

Confident of keeping a seat, Senate Republicans are canceling $4 million in TV ads for Florida's Marco Rubio to put more money toward winning a trio of Democratic-held seats — in California, Pennsylvania and Illinois — where polls show races tightening. Full story

The Real Deal Stimulus

   President Obama's small business initiative passed the Senate GOP filibuster Tuesday, but a new report put out by the Business Roundtable suggests that it's the health of big businesses we should be worrying about. Joanna Schneider, of the Business Rou...

Viewer Outrage: Tax Cuts

   The Senate GOP digs in to keep Bush tax cuts, with Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University finance professor, and Christopher Metzler, Georgetown University.

Cheney backs Rubio in Fla. Senate GOP contest

Former Vice President Dick Cheney is endorsing Marco Rubio in Florida's GOP Senate primary, saying Gov. Charlie Crist can't be trusted to stand up to President Barack Obama's agenda. Full story

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